Between Paris, Vegas and Beirut Amelia Zidane had the ability to create in the course of her professional carrier , a network of professional artists that became through the years more like friends that she can count on for future projects. A perfect combination!



French artiste Amelia Zidane lives in France Beirut and Las Vegas. Choreographe, sensible and intuitive interpret Amelia is an artistic figure of orientale dance who was able in a short amount of time to impose her style and name in a complicated place, sharing her love for dancing through the
largest national scenes.
The famous french choreographer and dancer amelia zidane has created az’arts in lebanon, a place that allows amateurs and even professionals to be found around social and cultural prejects that are devoted to dancing. A new adventure, a challenge, a fight that helps the world of dance be accessible for anyone and everyone.
“Many kids and adults demand that i open regular dance courses”
This association, will become like “ a place open for everyone, where we have fun, where professionals mingle with amateurs, without any pressure or judgement, but of course with some requirements and strictness”.
Some master-classes will be organized from time to time, with well known international names, for free and open for everyone.



  • Our goal is to develop activities and projects around the world of dance with kids, adolescents and even adults of all ages
  • There will be training for women who would like to go back to shape (barre, fitness,cardio-training etc…)
  • Some populations are isolated for many reasons and the main one being the high prices of dancing schools. These people aren’t able to invest in cultural and artistic activities because of personal, family related, or social reasons.
  • Our association will propose regular activities followed by medical and social precautions that allows people with social difficulties or handicap to share and live their passion.
  • We contribute a lot of importance to the quality of human relations that we establish. It is our essentiel goal.
  • Popularise dancing (ballet, belly dance, hip hop, afro, dabke,contemporary, dance hall) to all social classes
  • Allow the young generations to dance, learn and perfect to achieve personal fulfillment through workshops, and to also assist international plays.
  • Allow students to acquire a culture and an artistic sensibility and open up towards different forms of expression.
  • Propose an artistic company for kids and adolescents by inviting them to dance plays or by organizing interscolaire courses.

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